Frequently Asked Questions

Tack and Repair

Yes, I have shipped repaired and/or custom items to nearly every state and to locations as varied as Canada’s Northwest Territories, Spain and Germany.
It will vary according to the current workload. Typically, the item is repaired and ready for return shipment within two weeks from the day I receive it. Some types of repairs (broken trees, seat replacements, etc.) may take longer while more minor repairs (replacing hook studs, re-stitching leathers, etc.) can usually be turned around in a few days.
Yes, with the proper measurements an item can be hand crafted to fit your specific mount, from pony to drafter. I can provide you with instructions for taking the necessary measurements.
I use only 100% virgin wool flock – no synthetics, no synthetic blends and no reused wool. I feel that wool is superior, since it has superior “memory” and does not lump when properly installed.
In most cases, yes. The specific requirements for the conversion vary between saddle models, but most can be successfully altered.
Yes. Instructions can be sent to you which will explain how to take the necessary measurements and make the needed templates to ensure a correct fit.
Yes, I’ve built rigs for working cowboys that came in at 25 pounds, less stirrups.
In most cases, yes, particularly if it is a traditional, spring tree (i.e. wood and steel). Synthetic trees can usually be altered as well though with varying degrees of difficulty and results.
Much depends upon the specific problem, but there often are options to improve the fit. Synthetic tree can be re-shaped, and rawhide covered trees can sometimes be altered, again, depending upon the problem.
I construct the seats in Bison Saddlery English saddles the same way they have been constructed for centuries - webbing them with heavy, flax linen web (which has been properly wet and stretched), covering this with wool serge and flocking with a long stapled, 100% virgin wool flock. The combination of the web placement and the flock enable me to fit each seat to each individual rider’s need.
In most cases the repair will be unnoticeable. If the damage is extensive or the item in poor condition, the repair of necessity will be more obvious. Every effort is made to ensure that any and all repairs are as inconspicuous as possible and as strong (or stronger) than the original.
Yes, I accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Historical Reproductions

Yes, mine is truly a custom shop and, as such, just about any item you’d like can be built. The more specific you can be, of course, the better. I can work off of your photos, sketches or other specs.
All leather is vegetable tanned (no chrome or combination tannages) and is either unfinished strap leather or a curried leather. The latter are those finished with additional fats, tallow and waxes added. Some of these currying formulas are centuries old and produce a superior leather. Hardware is either solid brass or hand forged iron. Other period correct materials include wool serge and flannel, pure flax linen, and hemp sailcloth. Many of these materials are imported from England.
Yes, but the cost for this service is often difficult to estimate beforehand. Much depends upon what information is available and the degree of historical accuracy requested by the customer.
Yes, since it is usually more efficient to construct several of the same piece at the same time. If your group has need of a number of on article or another, please contact me to discuss group pricing.
If it is an item that appears on the site or in the brochure and has a set price, a check or money order may be sent, or your credit card information (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) may be phoned in. For larger items (saddles, portmanteaux, helmets, etc.) you need not send full payment at once. You may choose to send a 50% deposit at the time of the order, with the remainder due upon the item’s completion. For items made to your order, it is suggested that you write or phone in order to discuss the project. Once all the details are worked out, I can provide you with an estimate of the final cost, at which time a 50% deposit is required. When the item is finished you will be notified of the final cost and the item will be shipped upon receipt of payment. Orders for goods paid by personal checks will be held until the check clears.