Custom Western Saddles

For most riders a custom saddle is a large investment and an item that will be used for many years, possibly being passed on to a second generation. It is for these reasons that it should be something that is built to the client’s specifications and is comfortable for both horse and rider. A shop that offers a half-dozen tree choices in several seat sizes, along with a few other options, is not, in my mind, a custom saddlery. Here at Bison Saddlery I urge the rider to come to me with their own preferences – type of tree, shape of skirt, style of rigging, etc. Sometimes all the choices can be overwhelming but I am always more than willing to answer questions and offer suggestions based upon the client’s preferences and objectives. I have built saddles for riders with hip deformation, prostate problems and other physical challenges. I have also had trees built to fit horses with severe (congenital) sway back, excessively high withers, very narrow (and wide) shoulders and many other problem conformations. While it is always preferable to have both horse and rider available in order to ensure a proper fit I have dealt with out-of-state clients on these issues with good results. The base price for a custom saddle, single rigged and built on a tree of your choice, is $2600.00. If you would like to discuss your particular saddle needs please phone the shop at 406-449-7231.

Thanks for your interest.

Near side, showing plate rigging & stainless hardware.
Halfbreed Wade for Mule

Near side showing integral saddle bags and rawhide covered stirrups
Modified Association Tree, Full Basket Stamp

Near side, showing plate rigging and small, inlaid seat
Light Weight Wade