Custom Leather Goods

A custom item, whatever it may be, should be something unique, personal, functional and, above all, well crafted. Here you will find a number of pieces that meet these criteria and you are invited to allow them to spur your imagination. I urge you to keep in mind the basic principle of a custom shop – to provide you with precisely the article you want. Perhaps you’ve seen a bag or case that would have been perfect if only…. Bison Saddlery is here to remove the “if only”. I am more than willing to work off of your sketches, photos or other specs and have built everything from leather hat boxes and fly rod cases to book bags and fashion handbags. If you’ve an article that needs a case, a firearm that needs a fitted holster or a waist that needs to be fashionably encircled please phone the shop at 406-449-7231.

Thank you for your consideration.

Black leather case with removeable tray
Black Leather Case

Daypack of buffalo (American bison) hide
Daypack of buffalo hide

Leather covered oak rifle case
Custom Rifle Case

Leather Cases
Small Leather Cases

Pancake style holster

Hat box
Leather Hat Box

Custom built willow creel, English bridle leather harness and trim.
Willow Creel

Side of bag showing English bridle leather handles & trim and solid brass hardware.
Red Canvas bag

Fly Rod Case
Fly Rod Case